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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hey, Sarah Palin...

Okay, I just HAVE to ask. Does anyone from the right wing know how to use GOOGLE?


Did the person who wrote that statement for Sarah Palin have ANY EFFING CLUE what blood libel IS?

Did it ever occur to them, OR her (okay, dumb question, nothing ever occurs to her) to put the phrases they were using into a FREAKING SEARCH ENGINE?

I'm being taken back in time, to the summer of 2008, when John McCain announced this attractive, energetic young woman as his running mate. Now, to be honest, the Republican Party said "Sarah Palin" and I thought "who the hell it THAT?" I had some concern, as a young on the rise female running mate just COULD give McCain the boost he needed to nip Obama in November.

Well, have no idea who this chick was after her speech to the RNC, I sat down, opened up a browser and typed "Sarah Palin" into This, btw, made me infinately more savvy than John McCains staff, none of whom seem to have done the exact same thing.

It was at this point I learned she was under investigation. OR maybe indictment, I don't really remember. It was awash in stories about claims of malfeasance, Troopergate, her flip-flop on the "Bridge of Nowhere" and countless other articles of interest about the Alaska Governor.

Within 24 hours all of these were front and center. Within 25 hours the right wing contingent were screaming that the liberal media was trying to smear the corruption fighting, pistol packin' mama from Seward's folly. Why didn't we all just concentrate on what she was instead of wasting hours digging up dirt on her?

Hours? Took me 5 seconds. And about 10 minutes of reading. Now, having the opportunity to get to KNOW Ms. Palin over the last two years, I realize that it would have taken her MUCH longer to wade through all that information, reading doesn't seem to be her strong suit, in spite of her assertions that she reads it all. This because she can't remember the name "U.S. News and World Report." It IS long, I guess. At least she knew better than to say "Weekly World News," which I have no doubt she picks up at the Wasilla market every Saturday. No wait, she probably doesn't shop much, as I'm SURE they dress and freeze all that Caribou she shoots. I mean, she wouldn't hunt just for the fun of it now, would she?

Okay, back to "blood libel." Really, Sarah? She really thinks that the millions upon millions of people who's memories flashed back to her comment of "don't retreat - reload" last Saturday while looking at the disturbing scenes from the front of a Tucson Safeway were all guilty of persecuting her with lies and innuendo?

SHE posts "reload" and WE'RE guilty of hate speech?

You know, if she spent less time worrying about what the world thinks of her and more time thinking about the people IN the world there's a possibility none of this would have come up in the first place.

At any rate, if she's so innocent, why did they hurriedly take down the map with the cross hairs. Oops, I mean "surveyors marks?"

Just wondering.

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