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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Elisabeth, the tribe has spoken.

Okay, I've needed to say this for quite some time now.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck makes me sick.

Every time that twit opens her mouth Alice Paul rolls over. She's Sarah Palin. Without the brains.

So, having basically announced yesterday that ESPN's Erin Andrews, currently on Dancing With The Stars, was not the victim in her stalking case but the protagonist, decided to cry big crocodile tears on "The View" and say that she was very sad she hurt Ms. Andrew's feelings and called her up to apologize. And then apologized on the air for good measure. Sitting next to Barbara Walters who, I imagine, probably punched her out backstage for her complete and utter ignorance.

I also have a gut feeling that Ms. Hasselbeck would NOT have felt such tearful remorse if the television viewing audience had not, for the most part, called her a pig for those uncalled for and unnecessary remarks.

If you haven't heard, Ms. Andrews was the victim of a peeping tom, a sicko who stalked her, drilled holes in hotel room walls and watched her in the shower, among other things. The stalker now rots in a jail somewhere. The system DOES work every now and then.

Ms. Hasselbeck announced that the stalker should have just waited a few months and watched Ms. Andrews performing on "Dancing With The Stars" and saved himself some jail time, thus implying that Ms. Andrews and her dancing costumes brought the stalker on herself.

Ms. Hasselbeck, if you're not aware of her (and how lucky you ARE if you're not) has achieved her lofty position of political pundit and psychologist by LOSING "Survivor", btw. I know this because she was on back when I actually watched that show.

Here, for your entertainment, is Elisabeth Hasselbeck stranded in the Australian Outback:

Yes, I'm sure this is all in the line of duty and part of the performance.

Here, btw, is Erin Andrews from "Dancing With The Stars", along with her hunka hunka burnin' love partner, Max.

Okay, today's episode of "Sesame Street" is brought to us by the letter "H". As in H YPOCRITE.

And yes, it may by the oldest cliche in the book, but one picture (or, in this case, two) IS worth....

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