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Sunday, November 7, 2010

ADDENDUM of no small importance. Or maybe it is...

What I said stands, but...

This is NOT a blanket condemnation of everyone. I would have re-written it, but some of you have already read it and I would assume you're not going to spend your Sunday on an hourly check in to see if I've gone in, re-worded, and picked up my typos. Yes, there's one, I saw it so back off...

FIRST: My penultimate blog was NOT about everyone under the age of 75. I sat bolt upright and realized that there are at least two people who might think I was including them...I was NOT. I'm on an internet rampage here, NOT a personal one. To the lovely ladies who are mothers to those endearing pre-school boys...cliche though it may be, don't take it personally. I've become fed up with internet members who will say, in response to a heartfelt post such as "I'm devastated, my grandmother died suddenly last night" "I had a terrible morning, I burned the waffles".

However, in the last few months, this blog has gone WAY off course. It's turned into something vendetta like and I'm increasingly uncomfortable with it. Not that the people I've been targeting don't DESERVE to be on the receiving end of someone's vendetta, they do. But I'm getting kind of tired of it.

SECOND: If you can't come up with something better than "Well, you suck and I'm NOT going to read your blog anymore, I don't like you now. So NOW what do you think? HUH? HUH?" I am probably going to type something along the lines of "So who the hell asked ya?" and then suggest you re-enroll in third grade because it sounds as if you flunked it the first time. JEEZ, grow UP! "I'm not going to read you anymore!" You forgot to stick your tongue out and say "nah, nah, hey hey, good-bye." I stopped reading F.Scott Fitzgerald when I hit 17, I never saw the need to announce that fact until now and it never seemed to bother HIM any either. Yeah, yeah, okay, he was dead. The point is still valid. If he hadn't been dead I doubt he would have cared.

The funny thing was, the person who did that thought I was talking about her. I wasn't. I still don't know if it's paranoia or a guilty conscience but hey, if she's comfortable in it. People tend to think you're talking specifically about them when they know they've crossed the line but refuse to admit it. Been there, done that.

I AM taking a break though. I notice my tongue is no longer clamped in my cheek and I'm not comfortable in that persona.

I will most definitely be back before Thanksgiving. I have yet to decide if I will revive this, or re-open under a new name. We all reach a point where we just need to clear the cobwebs and get the train back on track. An internet closet cleaning as it were.

So I'm goin' fishing for a few weeks. Save my seat?

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  1. Friend from the PastNovember 11, 2010 at 11:31 PM

    In my youth I was taught that "God only gives you what He knows you can handle".

    And - get this - there was a time that I actually felt bad about myself because my life was going pretty good, so I figured that God must not think very much of me. How sick is that, eh?

    Fortunately, He must like me much more these days, as I am much more miserable. :-)

    Of course I am joking (mostly), but in all honesty I feel that I have grown through the experiences. Which now that I have it (the growth), I am glad to have it. I don't think I would have ever been brave enough to actually volunteer for the pain, but in my heart I know that I wouldn't want to give what I have gained (in terms of insight) back.

    When I think of you, I think of a very wise person. You have learned so much.

    And I remember something you said in a previous post - there's something wonderful about being "older", and not have to deal with the all the crap anymore. Even if my bod doesn't look quite as good as it did once upon a time.

    Anyway, I'm feeling awkward now because you might think that I'm trying to make you "walk on the bright side of life" - and I'm really not trying to force you to cheer up or deprive you of any emotions you're having right now. By all means have them, you've earned the right to have them.

    I do hope you feel better though, and am sending my good wishes for a lovely little vacation. I hope you catch some big ones!