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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Politics and comb overs...

Okay, as much as it pains me to say this, I think Obama has been doing some really stupid things lately and this morning was probably the stupidest. Seriously. Stupid.

In the first place, and I know I'm swimming upstream here, but I wish he'd let the damn government shut down. It's not like it's never happened before, it happens all the time. Hell, it happens ever damn year in California. We live. It's happened something like 15 times since Carter was in office. We lived. I'm sorry he didn't dig in. I have a great deal of respect for people who, right or wrong, dig in. It shows backbone.

Except in the case of Donald Trump.

I used to like the Donald. No, I didn't want to have him over for dinner, nor did I want to dine with him. In the first place, I admit, I watch "The Apprentice". I've SEEN the inside of his apartment. Woof. Seriously, how much gild can one place hold? Looks like King Midas indulged in some serious projectile vomiting in there. Was it Dolly Parton who said "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap?" Well, Trump proved it. But then, he has to live in that tacky place, not me.

But basically, I liked him. He seemed pretty up front. He made a lot of money. He's no philanthropist. But he's sharp and, even if what he does is taking advantage of people and loopholes he's never been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he's always been up front about what he does, he's rich and not embarrassed to be. He's not being investigated by the SEC and, to the best of my knowledge, he's never spend time in Danbury Minimum Security. He has a sort of ethical attitude. A kind of bend but don't break the law...if you can take advantage of it go ahead on but don't hide it. He also admits that he has a terrible comb over.

But what I once attributed to skill and savvy I now think was nothing more than dumb luck. Because it appears that he's managed to do most of this while believing every piece of email that comes into his box. Not only that, he seems to catch his train about three years too late. This brings me back to Obama and the absolutely stupid thing he did this morning.

The guy's been in office for over two years now. Legally. he was born in freaking HAWAII and, with the exception of a few toothless, moonshined up tea partiers in the backwoods of Arkansas everyone has pretty much moved on with it.

Except that, apparently Donald Trump finally got around to reading his email a few months ago. NOW we're back with Obama and the Kenyan grandmother and whatever the hell Rush Limbaugh sent out in 2007, all of which was thoroughly de-bunked by early 2008. But it's news to Donald.

Now, frankly, and remember this because you'll never hear me say it again, I have to agree with Mitt Romney on this one. If Obama was, indeed, born somewhere besides Hawaii does Trump really think that the Clinton campaign wouldn't have been able to prove it? Hell, Hilary won all those electoral votes in California, she was his chief competition, does Trump REALLY think they wouldn't have FOUND out if Obama wasn't effing ELIGIBLE? Would have made her life a LOT easier. Mine too, I think she'd have done a bang up job in the White House.

But NOooooooo. Apparently Donald has just discovered this little glitch. Now if I were advising Obama I'll tell you what I would have said. I would have said "screw Trump. This is old news, over and done with. Shove the certificate up his ass and move on." But no. Obama releases the certificate.

Barack? This isn't going to end it, I could have told you that and so could your wife. Any person who's even dealt with children knows full well that, whenever two kids get into a "yes you did!" "No I didn't" fight, neither one of them wins. One of them will produce proof that whatever he says is true actually IS true and the other one will say "so what, you drew that picture yourself." It's what they do in second grade. Every mother knows it. Michelle probably told you, except you were too busy filling out forms to get a copy of your birth certificate to really hear what she was saying.

This is exactly what happened this morning. Pardon my French here, but the appropriate reaction to Trump's sudden discovery of the birther argument should have been "Really? Will someone tell him to shut the fuck up, I'm busy trying to close Gitmo here" instead of waving what is, undoubtedly his real birth certificate around because he finds all of this distracting. THIS is where he and I have diverged on our paths. The birth certificate is NOT distracting. It's funny.

Actually, if Obama were really smart, he would send Donald Trump an e-mail. He could tell Trump that his brother is actually a Nigerian Prince who, because of the political upheaval in that country, has been forced into exile by radical political forces and was forces to leave his billions behind in Nigeria. BUT...if the blessed Mr. Trump will just help him by supplying his banking information and a small, up front donation of, say, $500,000 U.S. dollars well, then, Obama will be able to set up a Swiss bank account and bribe the Nigerian junta into releasing all of his brother's funds. At which point the blessed Mr. Trump will have his $500,000 reimbursed AND will be able to take an additional 50% of the Prince's billions for his generosity in helping them.

Come to think of it, maybe I should send that e-mail...

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